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He boasted a lineage that placed him squarely in Michigan's uppermost echelon. Shelden was a descendant of Russell Alger, a lumber baron who served as the 20th governor of Michigan and the secretary of war under President William McKinley, and who illuminated Detroit through the city's Edison Electric Light Co.

Alger's descendants continued to add to the family fortune, even developing Detroit's tony Rosedale Park. As of , Shelden's name was on Detroit's Buhl Building second skyscraper from left.

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In a Detroit Free Press profile , Shelden is described as having a hefty trust fund, a Yale degree, and a master's in geology from Wayne State University. He was an amateur ecologist who marveled over hemlock and shipwrecks. A philanthropist who sat on the board of the Cranbrook Institute, a museum linked to a prestigious string of prep schools. But Shelden said he was the kind of person who grimaced as friends hunted the herd of white-tailed deer he'd brought to his island.

Her series "Don't Talk to Strangers" is a deep dive into Michigan's unsolved Oakland County child killings, which took place in and in the suburbs to the northwest of Detroit. Four children were snatched off the street and held up to 19 days before being murdered, police say. Innsted dedicated an episode of her podcast to Shelden and his operation on North Fox Island. In the Detroit Free Press profile , Shelden spoke about the work it took to develop North Fox Island — mowing the airstrip, chopping wood, shoveling gravel, and keeping up the miles of dirt trails. James, nicknamed "Pedophile Island" by locals , and the neighboring Great St.

James point to a flashier approach to spending. But both men appeared to revel in the solitude. Shelden may have preferred the seclusion of the island, but he certainly wasn't always alone. Launching officially in about , Brother Paul's Nature Camp was the millionaire's charitable program that brought children to the island in the summer. Her upcoming book, "The Snow Killings," delves into both cases.

Keenan told Business Insider that Brother Paul's promised to provide kids with "remedial tutoring, counseling, temporary lodging, boarding retreats, and emergency care for runaways. Innsted said that Gerald Richards, a Catholic school gym teacher and aspiring politician who moonlighted as a magician, was tasked with luring children, including some of his own students, to the camp. Richards pleaded guilty to charges of first-degree criminal sexual conduct, and he testified about his role in Michigan's pedophile community at a congressional hearing on child abuse.

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But before his arrest on July 23, , police records say that the former gym teacher managed to call and warn his friend Shelden, who promptly disappeared. Richards was sentenced up to 20 years in prison, on September 13, , according to a Michigan State Police report. Richards persuaded families to send their boys to Brother Paul's with the promise of a summer spent hiking, swimming, and learning about nature with other kids.

North Fox Island was the site of the Brother Paul's camp. Brother Paul's was a front. Richards told police that the organization had been set up to victimize children and dodge taxes, according to a hearing. Shelden and Richards weren't the only two men involved in the alleged conspiracy, either. Dyer Grossman, a wealthy science teacher who taught at the Harvey School, near Katonah, New York, and "Adam Starchild," the alias of convicted fraudster , offshore-accounts expert, and former Boy Scout assistant scoutmaster Malcolm McConahy, were also accused of helping Shelden set up a number of shell companies, including the phony Church of the New Revelation and the oceanic educational group Ocean Living Institute, according to a Michigan State Police report.

Bloomberg reported that Epstein's past is littered with shell companies, through which he held assets such as his plane, his mansion, and his private island. And, on the matter of ocean conservancy, the millionaire's close associate Ghislaine Maxwell operated an oceanic conservancy group called the TerraMar Project.

Reuben Appelman's book "The Kill Jar" is the product of 10 years of investigation into the Oakland County child killings.

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His work also delves into the North Fox Island ring. Appelman said that Shelden served as a sort of "executive" of child pornography in the Detroit area in the '60s and '70s.

The Sheldens of the world are at home in those dark places. They don't think the way we think. It's true that money and power corrupt, but it's also true that the already corrupt gain money and power with much more ease than people who have consciences. According to Appelman, the North Fox Island operation functioned essentially as a subscription service centered on the production of child pornography and the sexual abuse of boys ages 7 to In exchange for their contributions, the camp's "sponsors" could receive pornography that police said was produced on the island, or even visit the island themselves, according to reports.

Business Insider reviewed a Michigan State Police file dated December 17, , in which one underage victim accused Shelden of molesting him multiple times over the course of a weekend trip to the island. The victim said he fought off Shelden during an attempted rape.

Read more : Attorney Alan Dershowitz boasts of 'perfect sex life' in on-air attack on lawyer representing Epstein accuser. According to Appelman, Brother Paul's wasn't Shelden's only vehicle for gaining access to kids.

'At home in those dark places'

The millionaire was said to bring young boys to the island in the wintertime and take children along for hunting trips, skiing jaunts in Aspen, and beach parties at the Sheldens' Antigua estate. The camp also proved to be a financial boon for Shelden, who had complained to the Detroit Free Press in that his ownership of North Fox Island ensured he'd always be "crucified" come tax season.

After his arrest, Richards alleged that the camp used its phony philanthropic mission to serve as a "tax dodge," the Traverse City Record-Eagle reported in Some "sponsors" donated to Shelden's charity, receiving child pornography in exchange for their tax-deductible contributions, Appelman writes in his book.

Particularly wealthy or connected individuals could visit the islands to abuse the boys themselves. The congressional hearings on the sexual exploitation of children extensively cite reporting from Marilyn Wright, a journalist with the Record-Eagle who covered the North Fox Island scheme.

She reported that Shelden's camp wasn't unique. The locks are made of vinyl-covered, armored steel cable and are easy to install on any firearm. The gun locks may be picked up at the Plumstead Police Building during regular business hours and will be available as long as supplies last. If you have any questions about the program, feel free to call the police department at It is a collective effort between certified Law Enforcement Officers, Educators, Students, Parents and the community to offer an educational program in the classroom to prevent or reduce drug abuse and violence among children and youth.

The emphasis is to help students recognize and resist the many direct and subtle pressures that influence them to experiment with alcohol, tobacco, marijuana, inhalants, or other drugs or to engage in violence. Regular safety checks increase the likelihood that safety defects, driver deficiences, and unsafe motor carrier practices will be detected and corrected before they become a contributing factor to accidents.

Plumstead officers participate in a multi-agency task force which performs regular commercial vehicle safety inspections. Speed Trailer Our department regularly places a speed trailer along Township roads to encourage drivers to obey posted speed limits.

The trailer displays each driver's speed while collecting traffic counts and speed data. This state of the art system was funded through a State grant program. Drug Prevention Book for Parents Drug abuse is a problem that is everywhere and no community is exempt from it. Through the generous financial support of the Plumstead Township business community, the police department is working to educate the parents and adults of our community about drug use and abuse.

The department is providing a booklet called "A Reason for Tears" to the community. It contains information about what the drugs look like, what signs to look for, and what they can do if drug abuse is suspected. It also has a centerfold that has information about the most commonly abused drugs so that if a child asks a question, a parent can give an informed answer. He was last stationed at Fort Huachuca in Arizona.


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Williams left , 34, is a senior manager for sales, in New York, for Adobe Systems, the software company. He is the son of Pamela M. Williams and Gregory L. Williams of Birmingham. His father retired as a field-operations manager at Energen, an oil and gas exploration and production company that had its headquarters in Birmingham. Sorrells, 32, is a postdoctoral fellow at Rockefeller University in New York, and studies mosquito neurobiology and behavior. He graduated from Stanford and received a doctoral degree in molecular biology from the University of California, San Francisco.

He is a son of Nancy R. Sorrells and Mark E. Sorrells of Ithaca. His father is a professor of plant breeding and genetics at Cornell. Eric J. Gottesman, a brother of the groom, officiated after receiving permission from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Duncan, 36, is an expert and project leader, specializing in global health and social impact projects, in the New York office of the Boston Consulting Group.

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