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Instead of learning random stuff, make a list of ten songs you really want to learn and order them in terms of what you would think would be the easiest to the most difficult. That way you will learn the things YOU want to learn and not what other people think you should learn. There are plenty of studies showing how just listening to music can help you release dopamine which is a chemical that gives us huge amounts of pleasure. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter in the brain which is released in response to rewarding activity and is linked to reinforcement and motivation — these include activities that are biologically significant such as eating and sex just ask Motley Crue about this one.

You can become addicted in a good way to playing the guitar just like many others become addicted to drugs, alcohol, exercise and junk food. Your spouse might find it frustrating when you are out spending some quality time and all you can think about is getting back to pick up your little 6 string. I find this a more healthy way to live. There are other things in life that also release dopamine such as socializing , learning a new hobby and achieving goals.

Unless you are a social hermit or a bedroom guitarist, learning to play the guitar incorporates all of the above. Also, keep on enjoying music whenever you are playing or listening, and keep striving to get better. All of this leads to more pleasure which will lead to more desire on a sub-conscious level for you to improve as a guitarist. Every time you nap which of course is great for re-charging your batteries you can now get a double whammy of benefits.

Research suggests that by listening to the music you are learning when napping you will remember that piece better. The subjects learned to play two melodies in time with moving images and the researches played one of the melodies while the subjects were taking an afternoon nap. This might mean that if you choose to use this method then it might be wise to consider which of the music you play to yourself when napping.

Either way, if you can nap while listening quietly to the music you have been learning you will learn it faster. One of the major benefits of having a good, experienced guitar teacher is a benefit that no one ever mentions.

Shape Of My Heart ❤ - Sting / MusikMan #142

I ensure I do this all the time, always in a fun mostly informal way of course. Sometimes it will be done very casually like asking a student to play a piece, chord progression, riff, etc.

Shape of My Heart Lyrics

Sometimes it will be done in a slightly more formal way, such as when using my 3 month period checklist. I always ask the student about testing and this particular 3 month review system and not one has ever declined this which is great. Even RGT who I am a member of is a little dry sometimes although they are making big efforts to make the material more relevant. If you get the chance and want something to work for, go on and start doing your grades, just choose the most relevant examining body and go for it. If you can play scales or barre chords, a great little thing to do is test yourself playing them in all 12 keys.

Any time you practice anything that is movable or changeable into all keys such as scales, barre chords, arpeggios, simply turn over one card and play that scale, chord or arpeggio, then turn the card over and pick another. You will then have played it in all twelve keys and your knowledge of the fretboard and your ability to play that scale, chord or arpeggio seamlessly in all keys will rapidly improve.

Self testing is a huge subject and one that I write a blog post on about specifically at some time soon. This study shows that getting tested as described above and testing yourself are both very powerful and have a positive effect on your guitar playing — and in different ways.

Whenever you learn anything new, write it down, repeat it, play it, sing it.

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Memory works best in both auditory and visual formats. This study along with many others shows that this is a very powerful way of retaining and recalling any information. For us guitarists, it means simply writing it, repeating it, playing it, and singing it aloud all help it sink in. It will help you remember it quicker for next time you play it, allowing you to move on to something else, or just enjoy playing it even more.

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14 Scientifically Proven Ways to Learn and master the guitar faster and quicker than ever

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Shape Of My Heart Chords - Sting - Guitar Chords, Transposed 3 Semitones Up

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