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You can also help Bard finish his songbook of forgotten songs and earn a Legendary Bard Chair along the way.

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Hallowkitty is back with an assortment of Halloween events to get you in the spooky spirit, and the fan-favorite Dark Lords of Darkness also returns! On top of all these, our Cash Shop is getting a whole new makeover with new modern UI and convenient features.


To read the whole v. Hot Week Gifts! All you have to do is log in to start receiving great items! Log in each day with a character Lv. If you have more than 30 unclaimed gifts, you may not be able to see the Hot Week reward. Please clear any unclaimed gifts and login again to see the Hot Week reward. All rewards are for both Reboot and non-Reboot worlds unless specifically noted below. Untradeable, Time limit extension is not possible, 7-day duration.

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Tuesday, September 24 Nodestone : Untradeable. Untradeable, 7-day duration. Plus select one additional reward from the items given Monday through Saturday! You can select one from all of the items that were given out from Monday to Saturday. You are not required to have received each day's Gift Box on the same character in order to be eligible for the extra gift, but it does have to be with characters in the same world. This event is available to players Lv.

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You can receive one gift box per account per day. Read the v. Several of our worlds are coming together to create two new worlds: Aurora and Elysium! You will be given a World Commemorative Title for you to forever keep your original world in your memories. We didn't stop here but have prepared a list of exciting events for everyone. Get a whole new makeover from the Random Beauty Coupon Event , win yourself a shiny crown from King of Crowns , and log in every day during Hot Week to receive rewards!

Always remember - together, we are stronger! Let the Worlds Unite! Read the Patch Notes here! Join the Maplehood Watch for New Rewards! To begin, accept the quest '[Maplehood Watch] Not in My Neighborhood' from the star event notifier on the left side of the screen. This event is available to all characters Lv. Log in during the event days Mondays , Wednesdays and Saturdays and hunt monsters within your level range to receive the day's reward!

Monday — Beauty Day. Any changes to your computer time clock can cause issues when creating or deleting Burning characters for this event.

Create two brand-new characters during the event period and select them to have the special "Burning" effect. After your characters reach Lv. This event is open to characters in both Reboot and non-Reboot worlds, except for Pathfinder and Zero characters. Please note that if you create an Illium character and select it as "Burning", you will need to complete your Illium questline first before teleporting out of the area.

Otherwise you won't be able to get your 2nd job advancement properly. From the character select screen, choose the new character on your account to have the "Burning" effect.

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Only two characters per world can have the "Burning" effect. You will receive the following special gifts! Rewards Lv. Can only be opened at Lv. Open to receive a weapon and armor set suitable for your class. Mysterious Cryptic Gift Box : Untradeable. Open to receive: Snail : 5-hour Duration.

Idk whats the real dumb reason behind this but he said "Reboot server is still pretty new and were still looking how its going for everyone". Even the GM himself said he wanted them back since hes playing Reboot too. Lets all go spam the Forum on the official site and ask them to bring the VIP coupons back, if they see we are alot they might do it after all. Posted: December Permalink.

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Maplestory Commercial from Am I really qqing? Gurl you need a reality check because the only thing I did here is ask for VIP coupons back. The fact that they are missing isnt making me even a little salty, I just find it odd.

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No, Nexon made reboot because their game was dieing and people were tired of p2w. Reboot revived this game. Its Nexon who should be grateful. Don't spam on the official forum, unless you mean you will only open a thread to suggest that.

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Cygnus's Soul Enchantment V. Truth is: these people have no idea about anything about the game. Please look at our website for any updates. It's mind-boggling how many people are falling for these standardized responses. Let's say you deleted a hairstyle and later changed your mind about it - you want it back, but your salon slot is full already, which is why you deleted the hair off your salon slot the first place.

That way, when the hair you deleted comes back into rotation, you'll have to buy royal coupons to get it back once again and decide which other hairs to remove from your salon slot this time around.