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Our recommendation: The porchetta roll.

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The slow-roasted pork is carved right in front of you, then served on a warm ciabatta roll with homemade salsa verde — need we say more? To complete this list, we just had to include a treat for those days when you have three assignments due and a mid-semester test to study for too.

And what better way to treat yourself than with ice cream?


Pidapipo specialises in artisan Italian gelato and has a large range of insanely good flavours, including dairy-free and vegan options. You can expect many more of these posts to come as we discover great food joints around different universities and in different areas of Melbourne.

This is pizza no carnivore could refuse. We dig a bold title, and we do indeed bow down to Laksa King as the ruling monarch of noodle soup. A shower in the toilet, haphazard service and widespread wearing of bibs sets the low-key good-times tone. How Melbourne ever made it for so long without an all-night ramen joint, we will never know, but Shujinko's presence is smack bang in the CBD and a stone's throw away from some of the city's most popular late-night venues is a godsend.

Perhaps not so surprisingly, a soothing bowl of soup and perfectly slurpy noodles is great fuel after a late-night jaunt through town.

Best Restaurants in Melbourne, Victoria

The ultra-spicy karakuchi ramen is just the thing to clear those sinuses, while the black ramen is an umami bomb you'll keep coming back for. Are these the best noodles in Melbourne? Right now, they're the only noodles we want to eat. Order the signature Chongqing noodles — you won't be disappointed.


The menu keeps it simple and cheap. There are four types of souvas, three plates and a few ready-to-go accompaniments. Don't overlook cold dishes to start for something different and refreshing.

Large groups welcome. Spice lovers, rejoice! Choose from broths rich with pickled mustard greens, heavy with dried chillies or mild, double chicken stock accompanied by duck, beef, pork, chicken or offal. Join travellers, starving students and St Kilda locals around the open kitchen, where the menu has no prices and the good vibes no bounds.

Pay what you can for the array of vegetarian curries, cakes, salads and bakes. The okonomiyaki Japanese pancake is a local favourite, lacy around the edges, studded with shredded vegies and generously squiggled with vegan mayo and sweet chilli sauce. Peace, love and lentils all round. Vegetarians also get plenty of love with the Desert Storm Moroccan roast veg toastie, quinoa salad, nachos option to add beef for carnivores and grilled saganaki burger.

Chose from wafu dashi and soy , curry or sesame flavour, or grab a bowl of ramen in soup. Past experience has taught us to just trust the waiters and let them bring you the goods the medley of dips is a must though. House wine is available, but it's best to BYO, especially when corkage is free. Spot it a tram stop away by the line out the door. Melbourne has always had a love affair with a good plate of carbs, whether it be rice, pasta or injera, but the humble bowl of noodles is having its time in the sun, especially with the sudden appearance of Lanzhou Beef Noodle.

What is a pezzo, exactly? Meatballs drenched in sugo are a standing favourite, but the eggplant parma is not to be overlooked. Snacks such as giardiniera pickles and sides like panzanella upgrade the sandwich to a meal. If you're feeling adventurous, reach for the 'piesagne' which is exactly what it sounds like- layers of bolognese, pasta sheets and bechamel inside INSIDE!

Tasmanian buckwheat groats are milled before service each day and hand-cut to make every serving of cold, dipping soba or hot, soupy soba. The pizza itself is woodfired, and the dough is a true sourdough that has been fermenting for 24 hours. Toppings are as minimalist and perfect as a Margherita or updated with 'nduja and stracciatella. If you have the time, sit down with a whole pizza and tuck into the salads. Trust us when we say that this noodle shop is home to some of the most comforting bowls of Thai boat noodles in town.

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Choice of Large Burrito. Choice of Pizza Package. Two-Course Italian Meal with Wine.

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Two Pizzas and Pastas with Drink. Takeaway Pizza with Garlic Bread. Two Large Pizzas and Drink. Two-Course Pasta or Risotto Meal.

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Vegan Meal. Pho and Spring Rolls. Greek Feast for Two with Wine. Indian Feast with Wine. Spanish Breakfast with Coffee. Breakfast and Coffee for 2.

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  7. Breakfast with Coffee for Two. Restaurant deals in Melbourne: things to know before you go Before you book one of Melbourne's restaurant deals, read our answers to the most frequently asked questions and find out everything you need to know.

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    Where are the best Melbourne restaurants? With so much to choose from, we've picked out the best restaurants and their deals for you: The city centre : There's no shortage of restaurants in the CBD. If you're looking for fine dining, Jasper Kitchen is the place to go. Highly rated by our trusted customers, grab a deal for a two-course dinner and mark that special occasion.

    Or, satisfy your hunger with an all you can eat Australian breakfast buffer at Essence Restaurant at Melbourne Marriott.


    Or, if you are after pub-style food , Rocket Burgers and Fries offers a range of vouchers for hearty burgers. What food is Melbourne known for?